2017 was a great year for Koukoi Games! First and foremost our biggest accomplishment in 2017 was Ferdinand: Unstoppabull. To put it shortly; following Crashing Season, we were approached by FoxNext Games to develop the tie-in game to the then upcoming animated movie, Ferdinand, which was under production by Blue Sky Studios. We worked on the game all year long, trying unique approaches to reach the best possible experience.

Download Ferdinand: Unstoppabull for iOS here, and for Android here and see what we did for yourself!

We also traveled quite a bit during 2017. Games First, Nordic Game, Gamescom, Slush, and various other trips kept us busy while growing our network of awesome people to new heights. Koukoi also saw both physical and mental growth as we grew to a horde of 16 people, which brought on new challenges and more importantly, new opportunities.

All in all, 2017 was a great year for us, with 2018 already looking to be even better as we’ll be keeping our aim on game.