Koukoi Games is a mobile game studio on a mission. We aim to produce and publish the most entertaining and exceptional hybrid core mash up mobile games on the planet to serve the rising needs of the players – games with best of casual and midcore combined together, with light touch of hyper casual styled approach to growth hacking and getting our games with core depth to be played by mass audiences. Our games provide endless hours of entertainment, fun and enjoyment for players – these are the type of games we make with full dedication and passion to serve our players with aim on game.

Our aim is always on the game.

Our Mobile Game Philosophy

We’re players and gamers ourselves – therefore we aim always to produce lifelong experiences that surpass the expectations of even the most demanding players. Koukoi’s mobile games are the ones you love playing and coming back to – yourself and with friends and other players around the world. Our games appeal to wide audiences of many ages and gaming habits. No matter who you are, you’ll be immersed about the depth of our games’ worlds and how engaging the core experience of each game is. As a studio, we have the desire to evolve, renew and keep moving always forward, in order to offer you the best gaming experiences on the mobile games market – you might sometimes see unique mash up experiences to come life through our creative process. Making games is super exciting, and we’re passionate about everything we do.


Run for glory in Om Nom: Run, a new game from the creators of Cut the Rope! Join Om Nom and Om Nelle on a race through the dangerous streets of Nomville: avoid obstacles, use power-ups to clear the way and unlock new characters from the Cut the Rope universe!


Enter the world of Reign of Arrows and start your slingshot-boosted adventure in this epic strategy & tower defence game mash up!


Enter the world of real racing & rally heroes!

Show your racing & rally skills and become the most admired driver in the world! Start your engine! Ready, Set, GO! DRIVE!


Grab your steering wheel and prepare to crash!

CRASHING SEASON RUN is a one-of-a-kind endless racing game where you steer unstoppable vehicles – endless racing with maximum crashing & fun! Dodge obstacles and hit enemies to launch them forward to clear your path, and experience stunning low poly styled 3D graphics!


Crashing Season an action-packed runner game where animals go on the rampage! The game has a physics based 3D world in which your mission is to survive and crash into waves of enemies, fight mean bosses and complete goals!