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Game & Co-development Partnerships

From pre-production to production, and live ops services – full lifecycle.

Services model & mutually beneficial partnership models.

Entertainment & Game IP Mobile Game Development

From pre-production to production, and publishing & live ops – full lifecycle services.

Mutually beneficial partnership models & licensing options.

Publishing Partnerships

Koukoi handles development and the partner handles publishing, UA & distribution.

Mutually beneficial partnership models & publishing deal options.

We are looking for long-term partnerships – strategic partnerships considered as well.

Make The Best Deals with Koukoi


Koukoi Games has a wide variety of options for mutually beneficial partnerships. Do you have an entertainment or game IP you want to turn into a successful mobile game? Or maybe you have a co-development or licensed IP business opportunity to offer for us? We have the experience to make things become life from scratch.

Koukoi has solid experience from working with global entertainment giants, known game studios and IP owners – while Koukoi is focusing on original IP mobile game titles as well. We offer game development from design to production and live operations – with having long-term partnerships in mind. We’re always interested to work with globally known publishers in relation to our original IP titles.

We’re happy to support you & do business together! Drop us an email at info [at] and we’ll talk!

Proprietary Koukoi Technology

  • Modular Feature Components
  • Fast Development & Cost Effectiveness
  • Optimized Marketing & Monetization
  • KPI & LTV Maximization
  • Integration Layer
  • Enables Rapid Prototyping
  • Modular Game Engines
  • Large & Growing Asset Library
  • Cloud Services & Functions
  • Multiplayer & Social Engines
  • Dev Ops & Live Ops Tools
  • Sophisticated AI Solutions

Koukoi Games has been crafting with care proprietary in-house Koukoi Technology platform and framework since the business was founded. We believe that Koukoi Technology will provide us unmatched future advantages the more we focus on developing it further each day – faster production times, cost effectiveness and further unfair advantages.

Koukoi Technology includes everything from modular game feature components to full real-time multiplayer engines, which we’re able to use in all of our game projects – be it a partnership or an in-house project. Our existing partners have seen Koukoi Technology being highly valuable and we’re hoping to offer it for you through a partnership project.

Interested to get access into Koukoi Technology through a partnership project with Koukoi? Drop us email and we’ll talk!

Want to form a partnership with us?

Koukoi focuses on producing original & licensed entertainment IP mobile games with exceptional production values & lifelong experiences. We are interested to discuss about forming valuable partnerships with investors, VCs, game publishers, game studios, IP owners, entertainment companies & potential partners from different industries. Contact us now to join your forces with our passionate team.

The development of Koukoi Technology was made possible thanks to Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of North Ostrobothnia and European Regional Development Fund / European Union.