A New Rising Star Has Born to Compete Against the Giants of the Game Industry! Today, Koukoi Games, an upcoming Finnish game company has revealed themselves to the public. Koukoi Games was founded by people who share a unique vision of creating sustainable dream game company together and developing memorable games. Their wide skillset covers game development, technology, marketing, business development, art creation and media production. Together as a team they pursue the market with an ambition to provide highly engaging and memorable game experiences, and aim globally to compete against the giants of the game industry in the long run.

The name Koukoi comes from an ancient Finnish mythology the Kalevala, and by using it as their brand the team honors their roots and past. Every single game in which they dedicate their passion and combine their skills uniquely are important for them as some games were for them in their past. Together the team aims to make their games to be as memorable as possible for everyone as some games have been for them.

Press release(s) can be found from here:

Press kit here: http://koukoi.com/press/