2018 is well underway and it’s time to take a tentative and 100% certainly accurate look at the Koukoi crystal ball for possible trends and phenomena we will encounter this year. On one hand we will probably see a continuation of many of the trends 2017 introduced, while also most definitely seeing new technologies and challenges develop as well.

  1. Leaps of Faith
    2017 saw a number of IPOs on the mobile market with such names as Next Games, Rovio, and Nitro Games throwing the switch. This trend broke new ground that will probably see a lot more mobile game companies take the same leap.
  2.  Regulate
    Upcoming regulations will be the cause of a variety of new challenges for developers, although they do protect developers as much as they protect customers.Regulations on “gacha” style in-app purchases will change monetization as probability percentages for loot box drops will have to be displayed in the game which definitely adds some long-needed transparency to monetization. The upcoming EU regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will also change the scene a bit. Users will gain control of what data they want to send to the developer to use in analytics, or they can also opt-out of having any metrics collected from their play sessions. Definitely something for all game companies to plan around and be aware of, which Koukoi and many others have been preparing for.
  3. Augmented Carbon
    AR was a big trend in the last two years but it seems it’s potential will only increase as Google’s ARCore will enable Android games the experience that was previously developed only for iOS with the ARKit. It remains to be seen whether 2018 will see an AR based to game to rival the success of Pokemon GO though.
  4. How to Win Friends and Influence People?
    Influencers will become an even bigger part of mobile gaming. Multiple technologies are being introduced to increase the role of influencers in gaming in general, with some interesting mobile-only solutions in development, such as influencer reaction clips within the game itself. We here at Koukoi also found the mobile influencer market a good match for our future efforts and are looking diving even deeper in the influencer world than we did in 2017.
  5. Mobile eSports
    ESports! With Battle Royale giants PUBG and Fortnite are both pushing hard towards mobile audiences and Vainglory getting a 5v5 update, eSports is very likely to become even bigger this year. ESports platform Skillz has also doubled its run-rate up to $200 million as well as they run over a million small esports tournaments a day. This success is likely to bring other big players in as well.

That’s it! What do you think will become the trends of 2018? Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter!